Ever dreamed of knowing what you might look like if you were a zombie?!
You are in the right place!!

First of all, I only do horror portraits! no cute stuff, fashion, etc

If you want a photomontage, it will happen in several steps :

1- First, you have to send me the photo(s) to be retouched by email at, ideally with a good resolution (300 dpi) and large.

If the photo is too heavy to be sent by email, all you have to do is create an account with We transfert , host the photo there and send me the download link.

2 - If it is accepted, I will send you by email a document to complete and send back to me, you will have several choices :

  Digital photomontage : 60 euros.
  Digital photomontage by sending it printed in the size of your choice, max size A3 (42 cm x 29.7 cm) : 90 euros.
  Authorize to put the photomontage on the site and social networks, facebook and instagram.

3 - I send a preview of the photomontage by email.

4 - If accepted, I send an email for payment.